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Sondernewsletter Bild-Kunst
Juli 2016

Special-Newsletter: Annual Report 2015

Dear colleagues,

with this letter we provide you with the annual report of Bild-Kunst for the year 2015 which was approved by our recent General Assembly on July, 2th. After an overview of our key figures, mainly consisting of
  •     a total income of € 88.429k,
  •     net costs of € 4.110k,
  •     and a membership of 57.755 artists and authors,
you will find the report structured by our different income streams. First comes a section about our revenues for images, then a section about revenues for both images and film and third a section about revenues for film only.

These categories reflect on the three areas of activity of Bild-Kunst:

  1. For fine artists we manage primary rights as well as remuneration rights.
  2. For photographers, illustrators, designers, caricaturists and similar professionals we manage only remuneration rights.
  3. In the film area we represent directors, directors of photography, editors, scene- and costume designers for remunerations rights only as well.
At the end of the report you will find information about our foundations. We hope that the detailed information will help you to understand our work for you here in Germany better.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

With best regards,
Urban Pappi
Geschäftsführender Vorstand / CEO

Download: Annual Report 2015


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